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Tom Brady continues to demonstrate what not to do in a crisis

Here’s the question I’d ask Tom Brady: Given where you are today — accused of not only being a cheater, but now a liar as well — wouldn’t it have been far better, smarter and easier to have stood up at … Continue reading

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Planned Parenthood’s exposure is any organization’s worst nightmare — and a sign of the times

By now you’ve likely heard, read about or seen the videos an anti-abortion activist surreptitiously recorded of a Planned Parenthood medical director from Los Angeles apparently talking about the organization selling fetal tissue for medical research. There are more debatable … Continue reading

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Jared gives Subway a crisis that it should respond to more affirmatively

The worst crises are those that involve abuse of trust with the very people you’re supposed to help and protect. Priests/parishioners, Boy Scout leaders/scouts, Wall Street/Main Street, generals/privates, and so on. Subway was stunned today to learn that the FBI is investigating its … Continue reading

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