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The content is about crisis management and mismanagement in a digital age. It comes from Steve Bell, who spent 30 years as a journalist for the Associated Press and as managing editor and editorial page editor at The Buffalo News. He is now Partner/Director of Public Affairs at Eric Mower and Associates, one of the nation's largest independent advertising, integrated marketing and public relations agency with six offices in the Northeast and Southeast.

Wells Fargo fake accounts crisis still hurting because no one owned up early

Wells Fargo Bank, the nation’s second-largest by deposits, continues to absorb massive hits six months after admitting it opened two million fake bank and credit card accounts to artificially drive sales revenue. The bank fired 5,100 people. Belatedly, the board … Continue reading

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No decisiveness in Fox News crisis management, only spite

Washington Post media columnist Margaret Sullivan wrote incisively about Fox News’ indecisiveness in dealing with its sexual abuse crisis. And she did so in the most-effective way possible: Quoting Rupert Murdoch’s own words. The issue, of course, is Fox’s decades-long … Continue reading

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United’s response to video hurt it more than helped it, but why?

The video of security officers dragging a passenger down the aisle of a United Airlines jet in Chicago Sunday evening continues to wreak havoc at the company and beyond. Reverberations continue to ring outward. Four airlines control 80 percent of … Continue reading

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United, already lowest of the low, gets worse; now what?

If an official at Saks Fifth Avenue, Bergdorf Goodman or Nieman Marcus told guards to drag a customer out of one of their stores, the video would be a momentary flourish. That’s because everyone knows those retailers’ long-standing reputations for … Continue reading

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Will Fox News survive Bill O’Reilly?

Seems there might be a new book by Bill O’Reilly in the works: Killing O’Reilly. He’s doing a pretty good job of it. As The New York Times reported Sunday, Fox and its controversial night-time host paid at least five … Continue reading

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Price Waterhouse may lose Oscars, but not overall reputation

By now, everyone’s aware of the human error at the Oscars Sunday night that led to Faye Dunaway reading the wrong best picture winner — La La Land. And, social media has not been kind to Price Waterhouse Coopers, the … Continue reading

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Annual look at how crisis hurts

Other than President Trump, who seems to thrive by crisis, the annual look at how crises hurt brands is out and it reinforces why companies need to be prepared and deal with a crisis openly and effectively. Or else. Thanks … Continue reading

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