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Pesticides may be killing honey bees, but industry is much smarter about the possibility

Anyone who’s kept half an eye on environmental news the last few years knows that sudden honey bee hive die offs are becoming a serious issue and a crisis for pesticide manufacturers. No one is certain why the bees — … Continue reading

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Did Petraeus’ apology, acknowledging pain he caused, ease his crisis?

Disgraced former CIA Director and retired Gen. David Petraeus began his rehabilitation campaign this week and received generally favorable reviews. He resigned Nov. 9, 2012 after admitting to an affair with his biographer, Paula Broadwell, following an FBI investigation. To … Continue reading

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Nike, Tiger knew exactly what they were doing with new ad

OMG, Batman, Nike is brash. That’s right Robin, and so’s Tiger Woods. The news in this is…? Yesterday we discussed Tiger Woods’ return to the #1 ranking in golf. On the heels of that Monday win at Bay Hill, Nike … Continue reading

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As his crisis ebbs, Tiger Woods back on top of golf world, and his own

Anyone who over the last 25 years wrote in any depth about Tiger Woods cited his tenacity, his refusal to lose. No matter the format, course, tournament, conditions or opponent, no one got tougher when the tough got going. Sure enough, … Continue reading

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British Petroleum still slippery after three years of oily mistakes

BP, BP, BP. What are we going to do with you? You provide such great fodder for the crisis management business, month after month demonstrating with unsurpassed clarity and chilling emphasis what not to do in a crisis; showing how time … Continue reading

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Lululemon yoga pants ‘crisis’ a hit to the company, but otherwise helpful

As Jimmy Kimmel satirized last night, Lululemon Athletica has a transparency problem. The Vancouver-based maker of yoga clothes, mats and accessories this week pulled its black Luon stretch pants off its store shelves because the material used was too sheer, too…revealing. … Continue reading

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Three prominent politicians go proactive, to their benefit

Rand Paul, Rob Portman and possibly the adversary of one of them in the 2016 presidential race, Hillary Clinton all went proactive in the last few days on issues they think will help them in coming years. Paul, a Tennessee senator … Continue reading

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